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At the class...

Darwin: Gumball!

Gumball: Yes! Calm down!

Roto: You broke the class' attention to the teacher-to.

Darwin: We'll talk it later.

The bell rings.

All: Recess time!

School CanteenEdit

Gumball: Darwin, what do you want to tell?

Roto: Yeah, Darwin-san.

Gumball: Could you please don't speak Japanese now?

Darwin: I think you should know more secrets about Penny.

Gumball & Roto: What the, why?!(Roto only}})-to.

Darwin: She loves potatoes more than spaghetti, you know.

Roto: Pfft! What the heck-to.

Gumball: And Roto, why don't you eat burgers.

Roto: I hate burgers. *shows Richard's picture* I don't wanna be like him-to.

Darwin: That's our dad.

Gumball: Darwin, you know other?

Darwin: Last time i saw her horn almost broken and she fix it herself.

Gumball: You got to be kidding me.

Darwin: Let's spy here.

Gumball: I spy Penny.

Roto: Hahahahahaha.

Darwin: Why did she eat spaghetti today?

Gumball: No budget?

Roto: No Roto?

Gumball: Urgh.

Roto: No taste?

Penny: *slaps both Gumball and Roto* Don't say nonsenses. There're no potatoes today, due to the food stealer.

Roto: Who? Edward?

Penny: Bye bye.

Gumball: I hope i can talk to her normally.

Roto: Easy, slap yourslef, done.

Darwin: LOL

School PoolEdit

Penny is swimming in the pool while Gumball and Darwin is doing their Bro Combo.

Penny: Hi guys.

Gumball and Darwin: Ahhh!

Both: Murp! *swim away*

Gumball: Can notice anything in the water.

School FieldEdit

Penny: How do you scream?

Tina: *roars* How about you?

Penny: *screams with a 500% high pitch voice*

Gumball: My ear is going to erupt.

Darwin: It's OVER 9000!

Penny: Hi Gumball.

Gumball: Ahhhh!

Gumball & Darwin: Murp!

Both: *runs away*

Gumball: Screams with a toooooooooooo high pitch voice.


  • It resembles the part of the episode The Bros" when the spy time.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Every time Penny notices the spies, they'll gone murping (Mixels).
  • Darwin had said "OVER 9000!" (Dragon Ball).