List of them:

Season 1Edit

They are aired here starting on 29 December 2014-6 February 2015. New 2 episodes name is revealed after a week and will be made after the week of it's name creation and another 2 name is available.

No. Name Description Trivia
Pilot Gumball 2: School Rivalry A new school is built near Elmore Junior High. All students seems not to like the new school. Gumball and Darwin is planning to destroy them with rube goldberg machine. When the school semi-destroyed, a pile of smoke appears and it shows "Fatality".
1 The Spies Darwin says that they should know more secrets about Penny rather than just the shell revealment. Then they decided to get help from Roto. Roto eats the Cookironis from his below.
2 The Realifier Roto accidentally found a realifier that turns all things into real thing. Since he doesn't know anything about it, he pressed the activate button. Then all thing become realistic such as Gumball as a cat, Darwin as a goldfish, and himself into an orange flying apple. So the main characters decided to solve the problem. The whole Elmore becomes realistic including extraordiniary such as Penny and Darwin.
3 The Chaos When Gumball and Darwin found a fire crystal ball and a lightning crystal ball, they touched it and got powers to beat up this guy. From this episode, the bros have powers. Gumball touches lightning while Darwin touches fire crystal ball.

Season 2: Elmore DreamworldEdit

They start airing from 6 February 2015 - ? ? 2015. New 3 episodes' name will be revealed each month and episodes will be made anytime.

No. Name Description
0 Elmore Dreamworld Elmore is converted into dreamworld by the new character, Jim. Elmore Junior High School is now Elmore Junior High Dream School! And Penny will get into her pupa, the 3rd stage of a fairy.
1 The Couple Gumball gets jealousy at Jim as he always hang out with Penny. Will Jim got expelled from the team? or Gumball kicks him?
2 The Jellyfish After Penny got stung (and probabbly owned) Dream Bees, Gumball needs to find a medicine for her.