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Penny is searching Gumball and Darwin by asking some students such as Carmen, Clayton, Anton and Banana Joe. When she found them, she called them.

Penny: Gumball! Darwin!

Darwin: Gumball! Penny's calling us.

Gumball: For what?

Penny: A new school has been built near! It's called hgiH roinuJ eromlE.

Gumball: Strange name.

Darwin: I spotted the school in the window.

Gumball: Is it too strange? *looks outside*

Darwin: There's a strange looking yellow cat and he has 1 green eye and 1 blue eye, a green t-shirt and he's looking weird. Everything in Elmore is weird.

Gumball: Even you.

Darwin: And you.

Gumball: When i spelled the bla bla eromlE, backwards, it's Elmore Junior High!

All Students: WHAT?!

Darwin: I'm preparing the rube goldberg machine you asked.

Gumball: Now it's time to bring it around school! Bring it around school!

Darwin: *cuts a rope (rube goldberg machine's switch button)*

Gumball: What! You switched on the machine!

The machine destroys 75% of the other school.

All: Wow. Darwin! Do it again!

Darwin: No!



  • This is the first episode they used a rube goldberg machine.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Gumball's speech "Now it's time to bring it around school" is a parody of Spongebob's speech "Now it's time to bring it around town." from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • The weapon they used to break the new school is Armageddon, a weapon from Worms Armageddon.